• 121Red Figure Vases of South Italy and Sicily , A. D. Trendall (1991)
    The red figure vases produced by the Greek colonists in South Italy and Sicily in the later fifth and the fourth centuries BC were at first closely modeled on Athenian prototypes. But they quickly… 1749 руб

  • 122Watches International XVI (2015)
    One would have been hard pressed, upon the invention of the first sundial, to imagine that the artistry of the measure of time would one day surpass by leaps and bounds the importance of the very… 4029 руб

  • 123Gracious Rooms , Barbara Westbrook (2015)
    In her first book, the South’s most inviting designer explores her principles for creating a beautiful home rich with comfort and warmth. Barbara Westbrook has been designing classically inspired… 4289 руб

  • 124Ivanhoe , Sir Walter Scott (2010)
    More than a century after the Norman Conquest, England remains a colony of foreign warlords. The dissolute Prince John plots to seize his brother's crown, his barons terrorize the country, and the… 555 руб

  • 125One Summer , Дэвид Бальдаччи (2011)
    От издателя:A moving story of love, second chances and the importance of family from the Number One International BestsellerWhen thirty-four-year-old ex-war veteran Jack Armstrong is told… 224 грн (только Украина)

  • 126A Room of One's Own and Three Guineas , Woolf Virginia (2015)
    'Intellectual freedom depends on material things. Poetry depends on intellectual freedom. And women have always been poor...'In these two classic essays of feminist literature, Woolf argues… 555 руб

  • 127Roman Britain: A Very Short Introduction , Salway Peter (2015)
    For four centuries Britain was an integral part of the Roman Empire, a political system stretching from Turkey to Portugal and from the Red Sea to the Tyne and beyond. Its involvement with Rome… 493 руб

  • 128Biblical Archaeology , Eric H. Cline (2009)
    Public interest in biblical archaeology is at an all-time high, as television documentaries pull in millions of viewers to watch shows on the Exodus, the Ark of the Covenant, and the so-called Lost… 493 руб